Dr. Matthias Händle

b. 1967 | married, 2 children | Business Economist

Matthias Händle


Matthias Händle comes from an entrepreneurial family that was at home in many industries: the automotive trade, mechanical engineering and IT. After completing dual studies in Business Administration, he completed his Master of Science and received his PhD from the University of Bradford.

Matthias Händle remained loyal to the trade by joining Wilh. Hamm in Osnabrück, a company owned by his parents-in-law. There, he initially held various management positions before being appointed Managing Partner and CEO of the HR Group in the course of the merger between Hamm and Reno in 2005. Even after the sale of the company in 2016, Matthias Händle continues to work in the presidencies of German and European trade associations and is a member of the Foreign Trade Advisory Board of the Federal Ministry of Economics.

Thanks to his entrepreneurial and personal experience, Matthias Händle’s focal areas of work are in actively supporting the implementation of the ownership strategy as a personal advisor to entrepreneurs and shareholders. He also assumes responsibility as an active advisor or interim CEO.

His guiding principle is: “Put the interests of the company before the interests of the shareholders! I am convinced that this is the only way to achieve the economic goals of the shareholders in the end. However, from my personal experience I am very aware that emotional issues in particular often play a very important role.”