Finding suitable personalities for your advisory board

Every advisory board is only as good as its members. Members who stand by the owners and managing directors of the family business at eye level as sparring partners, as strategic companions and advisors. Who put their finger on the difficult questions, critically question new ideas and contribute their own ideas. In many cases, however, they must also be in a position to control the business as supervisory board members in the interests of the owners. And they have to know how family businesses work - because family businesses are known to be prone to overlapping roles and the associated conflicts, which the advisory board has to help balance out.

Friends and acquaintances, in-house lawyers, bankers and tax consultants should not act as advisory board members - this understanding has become established. Rather, external personalities are required who can give advice without conflicts of interest.

On the basis of our extensive advisory board network, which has grown over the years in the environment of successful family businesses, we can find the right members for you. Entrepreneurs and managing directors whose CVs and success stories we know and whose willingness to take on an advisory board task we already know. We bring you together in the shortest possible way!


Our personally cultivated advisory board network includes:

  • Numerous entrepreneurs and non-family directors of all company sizes

  • Experienced personalities with management responsibility in medium-sized and large family businesses

  • Managers with mixed experience in family businesses and large corporations

  • Broad spectrum of industries

  • All disciplines (financial experts, technicians, natural scientists, etc.)

  • Also young experts in digitalisation, start-ups, e-commerce and tech innovations.