Training for (prospective) advisory board members, supervisory board members and administrative board members

Professional and value-creating advisory board work requires personal maturity, experience in managing family businesses and technical knowledge. In our courses, prospective advisory and supervisory board members learn how to assess and support corporate strategy and corporate financing from the perspective of the advisory board, analyse balance sheets and evaluate key figures, as well as practical information on liability and compliance.

Our special programme for advisory boards, supervisory boards and boards of directors

Most medium-sized and large family businesses today have an advisory board. And the professionalism of the boards is increasing, as our studies show. But advisory boards are only as good as their members. They only bring added value when suitable personalities come together on the board, when they complement each other in their personal qualities and professional skills, and when they are passionately committed.

Our special courses provide you with the know-how you need as an advisory board member beyond your professional qualifications. Above all, they help you to view strategy and corporate management from the perspective of a sparring partner and companion, to professionally scrutinise financing, balance sheets and key figures, and to know your rights and duties as an advisory board member as well as the liability risks.

The participants in our courses are:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to change from a management to an advisory board role, who need to change their perspective and who want to acquire the tools they need for strategy support and control.

  • Shareholders who want to prepare for an advisory board role and learn the tools for good advisory board work.

  • Managers and executives who would like to take on an advisory board role in a family business and familiarise themselves with the characteristics and specifics of family businesses.