Jörg Hueber

b. 1971 | married, three daughters

Jörg Hueber


Jörg Hueber has been assisting business-owning families, high net worth individuals and single-family offices with a wide range of financial issues for more than 20 years now. Prior to founding the PETER MAY Family Office Service, he worked for various leading accounting firms and private banks and was responsible for the execution of company acquisitions and sales in a listed company.

With his team, Jörg Hueber advises family businesses and their shareholders, high net worth individuals as well as single family offices in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg on issues relating to the aptness of shareholder remuneration (dividends or withdrawals, interest on shareholder accounts, interest on loans, managing director remuneration, advisory board remuneration, income from the transfer of use of real estate, rights, etc.) as well as the allocation of larger business assets (groups, sub-groups, non-consolidated companies, business divisions, real estate, etc.) to individual family branches and family members. Another focus is on the valuation of family businesses and financial due diligence as well as the identification of investment opportunities and the implementation of company sale processes for family businesses. 

In the advisory process, he places particular emphasis on the moderation and balancing of shareholder interests - especially in the transfer of company shares of individual family members both within families or between family branches, or in the involvement of outside investors. Through his discretion and expertise, he contributes to the goal of maintaining peace in the family.

Jörg Hueber has a broad network of well-known business families at his disposal, which he can also draw on when establishing investor pools or looking for external investors in existing family shareholder structures. He knows the thematic and characteristic investment preferences of individual investors as well as their approaches and thus supports a smooth and calm transfer of shares.

His guiding principle is: “Each family business is as unique as the family and its members. This individuality is further propagated in the increasing diversification of the individual interests of the shareholders, especially across different generations. The essence of my work is to ensure or establish a stable shareholder structure for my clients’ family businesses - while balancing the interests of all family shareholders.”