Martina Reischmann

b. 1984 | married, 2 children | Graduate in communications and business coach

Martina Reischmann


Martina Reischmann comes from a southern German family of textile merchants with a tradition dating back more than 160 years. As a member of the sixth generation of entrepreneurs, she is familiar with strategic owner issues and challenges from her own experience.

She studied social and business communication in Berlin and Brisbane and acquired her first professional experience in Asia. She then returned to her parents’ company, where she was responsible for a strategic project in purchasing and completed an Executive Master for Family Entrepreneurship at the same time. Through her studies, she was able to build a strong network of other successors and add an academic perspective to her personal experience in the family-run business.

In her subsequent work as a manager in the field of human resources, she has developed numerous young leaders and accompanied them on their career path. She now incorporates this experience and her great passion for family-run businesses into the development of successors. Her expertise, complemented by her training as a business coach, and her in-depth understanding of the challenges and prospects facing the next generation make her the ideal sparring partner when it comes to the further development of next gens, personal issues or guidance in difficult situations.

As a speaker at seminars and workshops, she conveys content in a manner that is exciting and memorable, and she inspires the participants. Her strength lies in approaching complex issues in an analytical and highly structured way, and in always keeping participants focused on the essentials. At the same time, she is skilled in bringing together various perspectives.

Her guiding principle: “My aim is for succession to succeed! This means much more than someone simply taking over a company. I only call succession a success when the successor has become an entrepreneur. When they have successfully taken on the leadership and responsibility and, this is very important, when they enjoy their work and find it fulfilling because they have precisely the skills, abilities and qualities they need for their job.”