Dr. Dominik von Au

b. 1981 | married, two children | Dr. rer. pol.
Dominik von Au

“If you want to bring entrepreneurs forward, you have to inspire them. And lead the way.” With this guiding principle, Dominik von Au supports entrepreneurial families in the creation of family constitutions, the structured regulation of succession and in advising on strategic issues from the shareholder perspective. This ensures the future viability of the entrepreneurial family and paves the way for profitable growth.

The certified family officer and executor also accompanies the implementation of the developed regulations as a member of the advisory board in family businesses and family offices and often as a sparring partner for the entrepreneurs.

As one of the leading experts on family businesses in the German-speaking world, Dominik von Au places a special focus of his work on Next Gen and New Leaders in family businesses. He lives and breathes NextGen - profound, at eye level, humorous. This has earned him the reputation of being “one of the top advisors to the successor generation in our country” (Manager Magazin).

Dominik von Au is also actively involved in important initiatives, e.g. in the presidium of the Commission Governance Code for Family Businesses and as a member of the juries for the election of the “Family Entrepreneur of the Year” and the “Berenberg Prize for Entrepreneurial Responsibility”.

After many years as Managing Director of the INTES Academy for Family Businesses and as the partner responsible for family and business governance consulting at the auditing and consulting firm PwC, Dominik von Au has been a partner and managing partner of PETER MAY Family Business Consulting since the beginning of 2022.

As a trusted contact for many entrepreneurial families, he is the ideal companion for managing the generational change and transforming family businesses: “I support entrepreneurial families in remaining fit for the future or becoming so again. Because their businesses are our future, I am convinced of that. And not only in the economic sense, but also because of their contribution to society. My passion is to ensure this future security by means of a family constitution and good governance structures or with the help of a strategic realignment and, if desired, to accompany the implementation as an active member of the advisory board. This requires absolute independence and fills me with pride.”