Karin May

b. 1961 | married, 4 children | Lawyer, Master of Mediation

Karin May


Karin May is a lawyer, Master of Mediation and Systemic Coach. She began working with INTES in 2008 and with the team at PETER MAY Family Business Consulting in 2013. To her, it is especially important to support business families as part of a moderated process of interaction on the way to developing fitting governance rules.

From 2011 to 2013, she was Managing Director of the INTES Family Business Academy. For years, she helped shape important events such as the Business Owner Success Forum with the award presented to the to the “Family Business Owner of the Year.”

Thanks to to her dual qualification in legal and systemic questions, the main focus of Karin May’s work is in facilitating orientation and decision-making processes, both in finding solutions to conflicts and in assisting the business-owning family with development of owner-strategy concepts.

Her guiding principle is: “Families whose members have learned to distinguish between the ‘family hat’ and the ‘business hat’ have created an essential basis for conflict reduction."